Spice Up Your Weekend With Coorgi Gawti Chicken

A well-made bowl of chicken gravy can make us feel like we’re in paradise. The exquisite flavors, the heat of spices, and the softness of chicken combined with a thick gravy can soothe all our worries. Since it’s the weekend, we are especially craving something this satisfying. Spice Up Your Weekend With Coorgi Gawti Chicken. Each part of India has its own version of chicken gravy. Today, we invite you to take a culinary journey to the southern part of Karnataka. We have a special recipe all the way from Coorg. This district is famous as a hill station frequented by many tourists. But it also has a distinctive cuisine with lip-smacking dishes, Gawti chicken

What Is Coorgi Gawti Chicken?

Spice Up Your Weekend With Coorgi Gawti Chicken. Gawti Chicken is a spicy chicken gravy preparation. It derives irresistible flavors from the use of many whole spices. And the particular use of tamarind, coconut, and curry leaves lends it that delicious South Indian flair. Although the list of ingredients may seem long,  most are common ones you will find in your kitchen. So, you can easily prepare this dish for a special weekend lunch or dinner. This Coorgi chicken can be relished with chapatis, plain rice, dosas, etc. If you want traditional pairings, see if you can find or make Akki Roti (recipe here) or Idiyappam (recipe here).

How To Make Coorgi Gawti Chicken At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Spicy Coorgi Chicken

Marinate the chicken with chili powder, salt and oil. Keep aside. Dry roast whole spices like cloves, cinnamon, peppercorns, and others, along with ginger, garlic, green chilies, curry leaves, and coconut. Then grind these ingredients to form a masala paste. Next, sear the marinated pieces of chicken until they turn caramel brown on both sides.


Heat oil in a kadhai or wok. Add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, and Guntur chilies. Once they start to splutter, add onions and saute till golden. Add the masala paste, some water, tomatoes, salt, and sugar. Once you see this mixture begin to leave the oil, add the chicken pieces and tamarind extract. Add some more water and cover the vessel. Cook until the chicken is tender and then serve hot.
Click here for the detailed recipe for Coorgi Gawti Chicken.

Another Coorgi dish we highly recommend is Kombu Barthad. This is a spicy mushroom fry with traditional flavors. Try it once and see how you will enjoy it! Find the complete recipe here.

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